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in the unprecedented skies of southern Italy.


Materaa rare pearl, a city within a city, a transversal landscape, tangle of houses, crypts, places of worship excavated in tuff, World Heritage Site since 1993, European Capital of Culture for 2019.


Daedalus of mountains, green valleys full of centuries-old woods and silvery watercourses, the Sila plateau contains one of the most important and long-lived protected areas in Italy, the Sila National Park.

Terra delle gravine

The Regional Terra delle gravineNatural Park, one of the few areas in Western Europe to present a high concentration of rock settlements, archaeological sites, important karst phenomena, habitats extraordinarily rich in flora, fauna and microfauna.



"[...]There's Cosenza. It is assiduous on both sides of the Crati, which divides it almost by half: two bridges join the two distinct parts. To the west she is bathed by the waves of the Busento: seven hills make her a garland. Seven hills like Rome! Oh, good reminder for me! […]”.
Cesare Malpica - From Sebeto to the Lighthouse Impressions of a trip to the Calabrie


Itria Valley

Trulli surrounded by vineyards and olive groves on red soil, this is the most authentic face of the Itria Valley. The landscape fills the eye with timeless magic, in the heart of charming villages such as Alberobello, Locorotondo, Martina Franca and Cisternino. Ostuni appears as a mirage, splendid on the hill in the plateau covered with olive trees, where the green dives into the blue of the Ardriatic Sea.

Calanchi lucani

"[...] and all around them other white clay without trees or grass, and on every side there was nothing but precipices of white clay, on which the houses stood as if released into the air." Carlo Levi - Christ stopped at Eboli

Plain of Sybaris

The largest plain of Calabria, with its illustrious Greek past, nestled in an area that offers a wonderful sea and unspoilt nature, where the flavors and natural beauty find deep ties.

Gravina in puglia

The city of water and stone, a secret world made up of tunnels, cellars, rock churches, granaries, seventeenth-century ovens, food and wine delicacies, which preserves in every ravine precious evidence of its ancient and glorious past.


Castel del monte

It is located in Andria, in Puglia, along the Adriatic coast of southern Italy, and is situated on a hill overlooking the surrounding region. Built in 1240 by Emperor Frederick II of Swabia, the Castle, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is octagonal in shape and represents a masterpiece of medieval military architecture.