Exclusive Couple Flight Ticket - Castel del Monte


Beauty, suggestions, emotions. A magical atmosphere with high altitude toasts to share with the person you love.

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Fly in a hot air balloon to Castel del Monte.
castel of coins
It is located in Andria, in Puglia, along the Adriatic coast of southern Italy, and is situated on a hill overlooking the surrounding region. Built in 1240 by Emperor Frederick II of Swabia, the Castle, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is octagonal in shape and represents a masterpiece of medieval military architecture.
Cesare Malpica - From Sebeto to the Lighthouse impressions of a trip to the Calabrie.

Each flight includes

  1. Pre-flight briefing
  2. Flight (about 1 hour)
  3. Toast and tasting of typical products at landing
  4. Flight Certificate
  5. Transport back to the starting point
  6. Aviation insurance provided for by current legislation