Terra delle gravine

The Regional Natural Park Terra delle Gravine is a regional protected natural area established in Puglia in 2005 to protect the landscape and fauna heritage.

It covers about 28,000 hectares and is extended over the territory of 13 municipalities in the Province of Taranto (Ginosa, Laterza, Castellaneta, Mottola, Massafra, Palagiano, Palagianello, Statte, Crispiano, Martina Franca, Montemesola, Grottaglie, S.Marzano) and one municipality in the Province of Brindisi (Villa Castelli).

It is characterized by the presence of deep rocky gorges of karst origin, the ravines in fact, the result of the corrosive action of watercourses, in which from the Neolithic to the 50s were set suggestive rock villages, churches, crypts and sanctuaries.