What's a balloon flight?

It's something halfway between wind speed and light air. Each experience is unique and different from the others: it allows you to enjoy the beauty of the territory that surrounds you at 360°, touch the highest peaks until you descend down, almost as if you were caressing the velvety wheat fields.

The balloon has no rudder and travels with the wind; this is what makes it fascinating: the uncertainty of its route to an unknown destination. Balloon flights take place shortly after dawn, the time of day when the weather conditions are calmer. After reaching the take-off field and after a thorough briefing with all passengers, the exciting assembly and inflation phase of the balloon begins, at the end of which passengers are invited to enter the basket.

It takes about 10 minutes to heat the inside of the balloon until it reaches 100 degrees centigrade to allow the balloon to lift off the ground. The preparation phase takes about 35 minutes; the flight takes about 1 hour, depending on weather conditions, wind and at the discretion of the pilot. The ground crew follows the hot air balloon, in radio contact, ready for passenger recovery after landing. Once here, you will be greeted by the goodness of a toast with a local flavor and you will be given your flight certificate.

Every flight must be booked in advance. If the pilot cancels the flight for meteorological and technical reasons, it will be possible to carry out the flight experience at a later date to be agreed. Flight cancellations can take place within minutes of take-off. We advise you to wear comfortable shoes and to dress in layers. In the morning the temperature may be low; in flight then the temperature rises.

Try the flight

Immerse yourself in the vertical thrill of a balloon flight over Matera. Put on your virtual glasses and get on board.

Each flight includes

Pre-flight briefing
(about 1 hour)
Toast and tasting of typical products at landing
Flight Certificate
Transport back to the starting point
Aviation insurance provided for by current legislation