Who we are

"Landing on South Italy" was created to promote flight, air, nature and southern excellence. Southern Italy is a unique territory, yet to be discovered, and the hot air balloon is the best way to admire it from a new perspective, upside down.
The experience of our team will lead you to the discovery of the true and authentic soul made in the South, made of excellent food and wine, typical handicrafts and sites of historical and cultural interest. "Landing on South Italy" is a real airline, the only Italian company in the south of Italy authorized to operate commercial flights with passengers, as it holds a license issued by ENAC, the National Civil Aviation Authority and specific aviation insurance.

Aldo Massimiliano Colonna


In 2011 he obtained the PPL License and in 2016 the flight instructor license. He currently flew 350 hours in Piedmont, in the Langhe, where he obtained both licences and where he had the most experience in passenger transport, in Puglia, on Gravina in pugliaand on the Regional Terra delle gravinePark, in Calabria, on the Sila National Park and on the plain of Sibari, in Basilicata, on Matera, Pisticci and Brindisi di Montagna, in Abruzzo, on the Maiella National Park, in Campania, on the occasion of the meeting of Fragneto Monforte.

Our hot air balloons

Comfort and innovation. These are the characteristics that distinguish our hot air balloons. The quieter burners, the heat shields to reduce the amount of heat on the head, the aerobic floors and the padding on the side walls of the baskets are joined by the Powertec, an electronic device of the latest generation capable of detecting invisible electric fields surrounding live electric cables, all to ensure our passengers maximum safety and maximum fun in flight.

Kubicek hot air balloon
model BB 51 Z

  • 5100 m3
  • Capacity 8 pax
  • Brands I CRAM

Ultramagic hot air balloon
model M 130

  • 3680 m3
  • Capacity 5/6 pax
  • Brands I PIRU

Balloon Cameron Balloons
model V 77

  • 1900 mc
  • Capacity 2 pax
  • Brands I OMFS