When do you fly?

You fly at sunrise or sunset, in the best conditions to fly. At these times of the day, the air is more stable and cooler; the hot temperatures that rise during the day cause thermal activity and make it unstable and difficult to control the balloon.

Why do you fly so early in the morning or late in the afternoon?

The balloon is completely dependent on the wind, it lets itself be carried by it. It needs more stable winds to fly. In the hours just after sunrise or two hours before sunset you can find the optimal weather conditions, such as favourable humidity, atmospheric pressure and temperature, to ensure a safe flight without turbulence. These are also the ideal moments to better appreciate the splendid colours, the contrasts of light and the beauty of a never-ending South Italy.

When don't you fly?

Sometimes flights must be cancelled due to adverse weather conditions such as high wind speeds, poor visibility, low clouds or rain. Our pilots base their decisions on the latest metrological forecasts from the reference weather station.

How long before you need to report to the flight field?

You should be on the flight field half an hour earlier than the scheduled time of your chosen flight.

Who can fly in a hot air balloon?

Children between 0 and 7 years old cannot fly. For maximum safety and fun, children must be at least 6 years old and at least 1.30 cm tall so that they can see over the edge of the basket and assume the right position during landing. They must be accompanied by a responsible adult during the flight. There is no upper age limit.

Can pregnant women fly in hot air balloons?

No. If you're pregnant or think you're pregnant, you shouldn't be flying in a hot air balloon because of possible landing jolts.

Who shouldn't also fly in a hot air balloon?

Children under 8 years of age and under 1.30 cm tall, people suffering from cardiovascular or circulatory diseases, with lung problems, osteoporosis, psyche problems, with limb prostheses, people under the influence of drugs or alcohol, people who have performed diving activities in the 24 hours before the flight are not allowed to fly. Flight participants must be in good health and, in particular, must not have any illnesses incompatible with flying. If you have recently undergone surgery, you are required to present the certificate of good health. All health problems must be declared by the passenger before the contract.

How fast do you fly?

It is the wind that shows the way. Passengers just have to enjoy the show from above and surrender to the magic of an hour that will never end.

Where do you land?

The landing point is determined by the direction the wind will take during the entire trip. The pilot, during the flight, will monitor the winds to choose a comfortable seat for the final landing which, of course, is never planned in advance.

How do we get back to where we started?

During the entire duration of the flight, the pilot will be in contact with the ground crew who, during landing, will be there ready to help the passengers and, therefore, bring them back to the starting point with a motorized vehicle.

How long does a flight experience last?

The experience lasts about one hour, from take-off to landing; while the total duration of the experience, until the return by land, is about 3 hours. Watching the balloons inflate, watching the pilots manoeuvres, hearing the noise and heat of the burners and finally seeing the giants of the air rise up in flight in all their majesty, is a truly unforgettable spectacle.

How does it feel on the flight?

Once you reach a certain height, you will not notice any turbulence, because you become one with the wind, you travel with it, at its own speed. The basket remains immobile in the air mass in which it is suspended. In the calm conditions in which you fly there is nothing that can influence it; the sense of movement is much slower than that of an elevator. What you feel is a feeling of peace, of tranquillity, almost as if you were floating in the air and merging with it.

What kind of clothing should I wear?

No particular clothing is required. Just feel comfortable, like a walk outside the door. Depending on the season, it is advisable to wear trousers, a sweater, an anorak or jacket, as the air may be fresh during the departure, sneakers, a cap and sunglasses. In case of rain, umbrellas and k-way should be provided.

Will it be cold up there?

Actually, it's warmer up there. The very word "HOT air balloon" also says it. Travelling with the wind, you don't feel any icy drafts and as you get higher the air heats up.

What can I take with me?

Take your camera or your binoculars with you. There will be so much to look at and want to stop in one shot.