Gravina in puglia

The wild and homonymous canyon, the harshness of the Murgia stone, the sweetness of the hills, the colours of Grana dat et Vina. The city of water and stone rises in the heart of the Alta Murgia National Park.

A secret world made of tunnels, cellars, rock churches, granaries, 17th century ovens, food and wine delicacies; an open-air museum, shaped by the flow of history that preserves in every ravine precious testimonies of its ancient and glorious past, of that perfect symbiosis that has characterized the relationship between man and nature since the Neolithic age. A Greek colony with the name of Sidinon and then Roman, with that of Silvium, Gravina knew a flourishing period from the Norman period, then with Frederick II of Swabia until the modern age with the Duchy of the Orsini: this is where the future Pope Benedict XIII was born.